The Never Ending Story

Tuesday, April 15, 2008
Today, out of sudden there's mock interview being conducted. What for? still uncertain. But mayb they wanna see our improvement, how far we've adapted to the training for software testing. But the problem is, i don't have any strength to attend any mock interview right now.. Still waiting for my name to be called. Lambattttnyeee.. 3.30pm already. huhu
Feel like i'm flying rite now. Flying without wings, mekdi said. Hahahaha. Seriously i'm dozzing off..Zzzzzzzzz.

Today, clarified already with mekdi about our next runaway project. InsyaAllah this coming 1st May, if there's no obstacle at all on that time, we're gonna fly straight to Terengganu with tutt. Can't wait for that day!!! Miss orang kampung semua,kucing2,ayam itik,cicak2.. hahahahaha
Before this, Mekdi was planning to go home with her friends. So what about me? i'm not going to drive alone to Terengganu. Never!! Then i asked my brother in Shah Alam, he said on that day,he have to work. So he's not going home on that day, may be at the end of May he'll back to how's i'm going to go home???

Yoe of course la he wanna drive his brand-new-Gen2 home. My sister, she has classes on Friday... Peja, not yet informed.. Even Peja say ok pun, i still cannot say OK. huhuhu, and suddenly this morning mekdi told me that she's going to accompany me home. Alhamdulillahhhh. Then later i can inform Peja la in case he wanna have a ride. If not, like usual, me and Mekdi going to our home town together2. Lalalalalalalala. Arghhh can't wait for that time. Now, i'm counting... 15 days left :D

See see, almost 5. and nothing happens. May be tomorrow kut my name will be called. The trainer left already his room and our Manager also left his room. Me also la, wanna left my place, wanna perform prayer jap.

The Never Ending Story-> Tiba-tiba teringat cerita masa kecik, fairy tale kut, the never ending story, atreyu ke or pe nama budak tuh n de binatang seakan anjing yang terbang tu,nama Falcor... Ingat dak? Ker korang tak tengok??hahahhaha

Tengok gamba jap..
Tapi ni bukan atreyu, ni sape entah...hahahha

Ok la, till next entry


fatal1ty said...

Where's ur strenght fida? Gone by the winds?
Create a more powerful u.
Imagine urself holding in ur hand, something of value, something that will empower u n make u stronger. Now eat it, or drink it.
Take it into your body and let it nourish u..:-)
Gud luck!!

Afida Anuar said...

Arigato for the advice!!! u too cik fadhil.