Eh, Aku? Biar Betul!! :D

Tuesday, April 22, 2008
Nothing really great happened today. As i suggested myself to be in safety mode, as a result there was no thrill in facing the world today... What the thing in the world i'm talking about?? hahahha me either have no idea la. But that was part of today..

The other part, today was completely dull outside. No sunshine at all since morning. Even rain accompanied me to and back from work.. What the best moment ever. Arghhh, i luv rain and i know rain loves me too.. hahahaha. Ignore me then, i just started all the merepek-merepek-thing. hahaha..
Till next story bout lintah...


fatal1ty said...

Is ur environment something that u want to be a part of? In ur minds eye, gently change ur environment so that it's healing n healthy for all involved.

Afida Anuar said...

Oowhh, kene gently changed ek??
baek, beta cuba:D