Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting..

Monday, June 09, 2008
Monday... Yup, today is Monday. But today is a bit different from any other Monday, because for Satyamite, today is holiday!! Yeayyy... What a relief to find out that i don't have to go for work on Monday morning! I don't have to work today! Alhamdulillah.

At 10, I decided to accompany Muni to go for her car service at Alam Megah. When we arrived there, there was only one car waiting for the service. So i assumed maybe around 12 everything will be done and we can go straight to Alamanda because we're planning to 'lepak-lepak' at MPH there.

Unfortunately, because Muni was asking for car wash and what ek... tyre alignment need to be fixed.. yea..that one need to be fixed, so we have to wait a while, somewhere around 2 la, we're heading back to Putrajaya. But i enjoyed waiting at that Service Centre, because there's a lot of reading materials,TV, massage machine, radio, wi-fi, not-so-hot-coffee.. i prefer a hot one. It's ok then, but at least while waiting for the car, there's a lot i can do to kill some time. Compared to the one that i went for my car service at Klang. Not to say that nothing's there, but the surroundings there, for me kind of not suitable for customer to wait longer than 1 hour. huhu, just a humble opinion from me. Okay, enough about commenting.

Around 2.30 we're arrived at Alamanda. Due to today is working day for government sector and certain private sector, so there were not so many people there. After performing Zuhr prayer and having some lunch, we're heading to MPH. Muni is looking for 'Ketika Cinta Bertasbih' ep 2 by HabibuRahman El Shirazy and i'm looking for, 3books in 1 packet..kind of discount la.... Already 'usha2' these books on saturday when we're here buying a present for Kak Zaidah wedding. But because of rushing for the wedding, so have no time to stay longer for 'usha2', and because of that i decided to buy them today. Excuse Me Your Life is Waiting(title for today's entry), The Power of Now (suggested by one friend), and Too Soon Old and Too Late Smart(erkk..no body's suggested). Maybe i'll start reading The Power of Now first because i've already read some pages online. Gambatte Fida, hopefully i'll be given a time for all these books.

Huhu.. so what now? Ok today's entry is done, dinner is done, washing dishes is done, watching buletin utama is done. Reading is pending. So i may put my full stop here.

Sedikit petikan untuk bacaan bersama...

PUTRAJAYA: Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi hari ini mengumumkan empat langkah mengurangkan beban rakyat, termasuk mengurangkan elaun keraian Perdana Menteri, Timbalan Perdana Menteri, menteri dan timbalan menteri kepada 10 peratus. Perdana Menteri berkata, kerajaan juga memutuskan cuti anggota Kabinet yang ditanggung kerajaan selama seminggu hanya dalam negara Asean. Tiga langkah lain ialah mempercepatkan bayaran rebat tunai mulai Sabtu ini bagi meraka yang membaharui cukai jalan pada April dan Mei, selain menambah kuota fleetcard untuk mengusaha pengangkutan dan menambah baik jaringan sosial. Katanya, semua langkah itu dapat menjimatkan RM2 bilion yang akan digunakan untuk membayar bentuk bantuan lain kepada rakyat

Aku kata .."Elaun keraian menteri 10% aje dipotong? minyak pandai pulak naik sampai 40%. Nape tak hapus terus je elaun keraian menteri ni..!! potong 10% pun dh jimat 2 billion.. tu baru elaun keraian!!! elaun-elaun yg jadi side income belambak cam mak nenek tu camne pulak??

Sekadar coretan di malam hari...